The Guitar Sourcebook


The Guitar Sourcebook Second Edition – for beginners and advanced players.


The Guitar Sourcebook Second Edition – for beginners and advanced players.

An essential, easy to understand guide to the theory and practice of music as it relates to the guitar.

Complete with full performance pieces.

‘The Guitar Sourcebook’ and this resulting website was written over several years in my spare time, and includes many of the tips and tricks I have picked up along the way.

Here you will find just about all you need to know about playing the guitar. I have tried to keep it as simple as possible, with clear diagrams and tablature on most pages.

It is intended for students of the guitar who may know nothing about music, as an introduction to practical music theory and guitar method. It is also an excellent reference for more advanced students as a source for practical and compositional ideas.

To get the most out of the information presented on this site, it is recommended you download the entire 81 pages of this site as an e-book, print it off, and keep it as a reference manual.

The ebook contains all the information you will find here, plus additional locked information not accessible on this site.

The ebook contains much higher quality graphics for music notation and tablature, especially when printed onto plain paper. You will benefit from much clearer graphics, diagrams and tablature.

“All you need to start playing great guitar”.

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