Right Hand Finger Exercises 1

These exercises should be added into your daily practice routine. They will make you a better guitarist in terms of finger control, as long as they are practiced daily. They can be practiced using fingering (denoted) or a pick – alternating up & down strokes. Right hand fingering: T=Thumb 1=Index 2=Middle 3=Ring. The little finger (pinky) is not normally used for picking … Read More

Left Hand Finger Exercises

1. Chromatic Scales – Practice chromatic scales up and down the fingerboard (one finger per fret) in all keys. For example, A chromatic will start and end on A and will contain all notes in between. These scales are great exercises in finger control. 2. Diatonic Scales – Practice major and minor scales in all keys in all positions. 3. Hammer-ons – Play notes chromatically … Read More